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Online Form:

An online form that is built using a web based scripting language such as HTML  and is reachable via web browsers.
A form that a user on your site fills out and then by submitting it automatically forwards emails to you.
An email form is a good way to gather information from your web sites users and visitors.

You can use "Contact form" to accept contact information & inquiries from your customer, or use "Order form" to accept order from your buyers.

In, all purchases include one FREE online form, however if you need additional forms (ie. 2nd or even 3rd form in your website) we will charge $100 each.



The web is the busiest place we know today, with millions of websites now available online, competing to catch the users' attention. Apart from the common marketing and search engine optimization techniques, one of the key weapons website owners use in 'fighting' for their visitors' attention is the name of their website - i.e. their domain.


Where you keep your Web page is called "hosting". For most Web design, you will need a place to host your Web pages, and type the "domain" in address bar of web browser to visit your web pages.
In we provide Domain + Hosting $100 Each year. We can also help you to upload your final website to your hosting.